24 Hours of Deep Listening

30 September - 02 October

The record label Consouling Sounds sets a challenge:

"How can we make stunning new XR experiences to discover and experience music?"


With a community encompassing the globe, Consouling Sounds wants to experiment with the presentation of music online. If we can design immersive digital experiences we can bring people together around music, wherever they live, wherever they are. 


Slowly but surely Consouling wants to build an online universe bringing like minded music lovers together,  and so we are on a quest for inspiration!


Consouling teams up with XRT, the Extended Reality Technology specialist platform in our hometown Ghent, Belgium. Together we organize a 24 hour hackathon - pardon, ‘HacXathon’ with the X of XRT :) during the Consouling festival ‘24 Hours of Deep Listening in Ghent’.


The challenge is to design an immersive application inspired by music connected to the label.

All participants or ‘HacXatheers’ will be provided with a work station, food,

drink and access to the festival on Oct. 1 & 2. 


Consouling Sounds is excited to get to know you and your vision.

We are ready to feed you with music and we welcome all your out of this world ideas.


We are inviting all the innovators, developers, engineers, designers and musicians to participate and show us how you would solve our challenges.


€21 - Students / Youth

€41 - 30+

€10 - Uitpas

This ticket grants you access to the entire 24 Hours of Deep Listening festival, several panel talks, a networking moment with people from the "immersive" industry, inspiration talks, several workshops organized by XRT leading up to the HacXathon, food and drinks and a goodie bag.


Immersive Music Experience

The 3 cornerstones of this Hacxaton:


1. Feel at home

After months of staying home, the concept of ‘home’ has been changed forever. Still, the home is where the heart is. Luckily, you can make every place a home, even non physical spaces. This is challenge number one.



“How can you translate the store, the atmosphere and the love of Consouling into something that is not just physical?”


“What makes an experience feel like home?”


“How do you shape nostalgia for a physical place in a virtual world?”

2. Discover new music virtually

We’re entering a new era where we are bombarded with everything all of the time. How can you filter out what you want or like from all the overload of new information? Can a virtual world offer the same or even a better selection to discover new music that is suited to you personally? This is challenge number two.



“What is the virtual version of a vinyl record box in a recordstore?”


“How can you extend the concept of a radio station or music playlist in a virtual environment?”

3. Connect the physical with the digital music experience

We’ve all seen many many livestreams over the course of the last months. They’re great, but they’re far from perfect. A live concert experience is still something very physical, which can’t be translated into a simple livestream. A virtual world might bring the perfect solution. This is challenge number three. 



“How do you translate the physical concert and music experience into virtual experience and vice versa?”


“What is a virtual version of a moshpit?”


“How do you crowdsurf in a virtual environment?”


“How do you translate the feeling of music going through your body, without a body?”


We encourage you to challenge yourself and reinvent the way and approach of making music. Think outside the box, use your wildest imagination. Draw influence and inspiration from EVERYTHING. These prompts are here to help you, but please use your own expertise and dream big! We are very excited for all the new ideas that will flow through your minds. Connect all those ideas, opinions and crazy theories with each other and show us what you can accomplish at the end of the 24 Hours of Deep Listening.

/ Thursday Sept. 30

Introduction day

18u - Welcome talk (mandatory)
19u - Inspiration session
20u - hacXathon kick-off

/ Friday

Oct. 1

Production day

10u - Breakfast
12u - Lunch
15u - Panel talk Immersive Audio

16u - Network moment

/ Saturday Oct. 2

Presentation day

10u - Breakfast
12u - Lunch
14u - HacXathon presentation
20u - Announcement winner

24 Hours of Deep Listening






Nele Buys

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CEO & Founder of Consouling Sounds













            We are inviting all the innovators, developers, engineers, designers and musicians to participate and show us how you would solve our challenges.


            €21 - Students / Youth

            €41 - 30+

            €10 - Uitpas

            This ticket grants you access to the entire 24 Hours of Deep Listening festival, several panel talks, a networking moment with people from the "immersive" industry, several workshops organized by XRT leading up to the HacXathon, food and drinks and a goodie bag.

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